Ministry Team

Hopedale Presbyterian Church is blessed to have a dynamic and passionate ministry team. The focus of all endeavours from worship, study, music and fellowship is to Invite All to be Alive in Christ.

Reverend Sean J. Foster – Senior Minister

The Reverend Sean J. Foster is the senior minister at Hopedale Presbyterian Church and was called to minister at Hopedale in 2002.

Reverend Foster is committed to Team ministry with the session and all members of the congregation, encouraging the people of Hopedale to use the gifts that they have been given to glorify God and build up the church.   His ministry focus is on the mission of the church: Inviting all to be alive in Christ.

Sean is married to Bonnie and together they have three children: Erin, Matthew and Shannon.

In addition to being the minister at Hopedale, Reverend Foster is also Principal Clerk to the Presbytery of Brampton and also serves as the Chaplain to the Oakville Fire Department.

Elena Childs – Minister of Music

Elena is the minister of music at Hopedale Presbyterian Church. Her experiences as choir master, orchestra and band leader has lead her to Hopedale where she leads the choir and congregation with great enthusiasm.

She has a private music school and teaches 37 vocal and piano students. She is married to Blake Childs, who is a great tenor and biggest support to her ministry and music business. With two married children she raised and two lovely grandchildren she adores, she enjoys her work very much.

Elena enjoys organizing drama pieces, children’s songs, puppetry, and soloists and looks for any opportunity to embellish Rev Sean’s sermons by choosing theme related songs, skits etc. Elena has a passion to bring people to worship and share the joy of serving.

Cheri Valcheff – Administrator &  Youth Pastor

Cheri Valcheff is the Youth leader at Hopedale Presbyterian Church.

Cheri’s Youth plan is fostered on a “safe comfortable place” for youth to fellowship together and gain trust with their peers while learning about the teaching of Jesus.

Activities regularly include movie night, pot-luck dinners, photography, games night, community service events at the church, laser tag and other ideas the Youth want to explore, all with the intention of allowing the Youth to discover their individual unique talents and interests. All Youth in the community are welcome to join this wonderful group of young people